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Welcome to Grandad Pat's Treasure Trove, our wooden growth charts are all individual and make fantastic pieces to add to your home decor. Please see below a list of frequently asked questions about our products.

Height Charts are not children's toys and all products sold through the Grandad Pat's Treasure Trove website are not classed as toys.

All height charts are wall hangings.

How long is manufacture time?

Due to the popularity and the time to make each individual ruler our maunfacture time in 2020 has increased. Each ruler is individually produced and can take up to 40 days to manufacture.  Manufacture time can potentially be longer during periods of high demand. The height chart is then dispatched via Courier, please provide a physical address for delivery.


How are the numbering and wording put on my ruler height chart?

All of Grandad Pat's Height charts are made right here in Australia and are all laser engraved. This type of engraving allows for excellent accuracy and definition, this is why we love custom height chart orders because with our machines we can engrave a lot of different shapes and symbols on to your height chart.


What do I write on my height chart with?

Height charts are finished with an internal stain and varnish and can be written on with a permanent marker. We did have one situation where a Miss 4 decided to help mum and measured her sister Miss 2 on the height chart and drew on the chart with a ball point pen - that works too, Mummy was not happy.


How do I hang my height chart?

All of Grandad Pat's Height charts come with a full mounting kit and instructions. A hanger is attached to the back of the chart and the wall inserts are included with the instructions. All standard height charts start at 25cm and reach to 208.5cm. The MEGA ruler starts at 0cm and comes with mounting kit as well to sit nicely against your wall.


How much is the cost of courier throughout Australia

Our height charts are Couriered throughout Australia everyday and standard courier cost is $24.00, all Grandad Pat's Height Charts come bubble wrapped an boxed for added protection. If two height charts are ordered the cost remains the same at $24.00. If on the odd chance there is damage to the chart on arrival please contact us in 48 hours and we may require photos of the damage for our records. The height chart must not be written on also.


How is the ruler height chart packaged for courier delivery?

All of our height charts are bubble wrapped and boxed, wood can be damaged easily and this precaution helps to eliminate damage in transit. Boxing the wooden ruler height chart is also easier to wrap as a present when it arrives!


Can I pick up my wooden height chart?

As Grandad Pat's Treasure Trove is an Online based store we do not offer pick up. We do appreciate your respect for this as it is for security reasons.


How do I look after my wooden growth chart?

Like any wall hanging a height chart can become dusty, just wipe it down with a dry cloth lightly. If the chart is to be stored for any period of time, please leave the chart in the box and lay down length ways on a flat surface.

Height charts are wooden  and we recommend each is hung inside out of areas of extreme heat and sunlight to increase their longevity.  

Our wooden ruler height charts are finished with an internal stain and varnish.

Wood is a natural fibre, all pieces of wood are different as are all different wood grains, causing the stains to take differently to each piece of wood. This can effect the look of the stain on each different chart.



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